Personnel System

Human Resource System of

TEMSCO makes its moves with talents based on its hierarchy system and promotion system.

Hierarchy System and Promotion System

The hierarchy system has 6 levels in consideration of individual ability, job performance, and improvement.

  • Staff

    3 Years

  • Senior Staff

    3 Years

  • Assistant Manager

    4 Years

  • Manager

    5 Years

  • Deputy General Manager

    7 Years

  • General Manager

Evaluation System

  • In order to increase the utilization of evaluation results and encourage ability improvement by feedback, TEMSCO conducts job competency evaluation focusing on job skills, attitude, and motivation.
  • The performance-based bonus is paid differentially based on the evaluation result. TEMSCO also actively utilizes the evaluation results to evaluate the employees objectively and motivate them as well.
  • The newly hired employees will get probationary evaluation for three months from the date of joining (Evaluation on personality and job suitability)

Wage System

  • TEMSCO has a performance-based payment system that reflects competence and performance of teams and individuals. TEMSCO also has daily salary system (for factory workers) and annual salary system (administrative positions) with differential payment based on the evaluation results.