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Special-Purpose Automatic Machine Tool

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Introducing TEMSCO’s key business areas and application cases.

High-Precision and High-Speed Machining Tool, TUD-6

  • Special purpose machines for machining and ultrafine drilling (endmill) of difficult-to-cut materials, such as ceramic and sapphire, and semiconductor wafer
  • Ø0,02mm-sized ultrafine drilling and machining / Applied with ultrasonic tool holder to enhance durability of tool (About 20% to 35%) / Composed with high-precision driving system for up to 3-micron repetitive positioning accuracy.

Process-Intensive One Stop Complex Multi-Process Machine

  • Multi-process machining tools for automobile parts and machinery parts
  • One stop multi-process machining tool for machining(precision machining) of materials / Applied with milling jigs and simultaneous machining for higher machining accuracy


  • Machining tool for internal machining of large shafts
  • Machining tool and material rotate together for the efficient machining

Special-Purpose Automatic Machine Tool

Application in Various fields

Machining tool for centering of both facets

Machining tool for D-U cut shafts