Company Introduction

Message from CEO

specializes in Robot Automation and machines, connecting human and technology together

Welcoming the 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation, TEMSCO has been founded to bring process innovation in the manufacturing industry with process-intensive hybrid machining tools, promote the smart automation for super-fusion between high-precision machines and automation systems, and provide the human-robot solutions in the service industry.

TEMSCO provides robots and smart automation solutions for each industry in electric vehicle, semiconductor, IT, and logistics fields. TEMSCO also offers special purpose machines for production and manufacturing processes as well as total engineering solution, such as service industry-friendly autonomous driving vehicles, in order to design, manufacture, and provide products that satisfy the client needs.

Dear customers!
With our philosophy to provide next-level engineering solutions based on technology-oriented R&D for quickly responding to the market changes, we are constantly developing new products, expanding into new business fields, and actively responding to the rapidly changing digital industry. We are also focusing on building the total factory automation (FA) environment that takes customer service to the next level.

We also have automated robots and rich technologies for designing, assembling, and controlling the high-precision machining tools. We also promise to secure your competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth by offering reliable and highly efficient automated services, special purpose machines, and high-precision high speed machining tools.

Our executives and employees also promise to do their best in order to become a global company that specializes in special purpose machines and automated solution and make tomorrow better.

Thank you.